Strong(Her) Summer:

30 Days to a Stronger You

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Would You Like To:

Walk into a gym confident that you know exactly what to do to maximize your results in minimal time?

Would you like to know which set of weights to use, how many reps to do, and the ideal cardio to boost your metabolism so you can shed fat fast? What if this knowledge could be tailored to your specific goals, needs and body composition? 

Would it be helpful to have nutritional guidance to tell you exactly what to eat to fuel your best possible results?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, our 30 Day Stronger(HER) Summer is a perfect fit for you!!

Learn new healthy habits to create lifelong results from your training and nutrition program 

Here’s what you’ll get:
Kick Off Meeting 
5 Personal Training Sessions 
Unlimited BootCamp Training 
Nutritional Guidance 
Unlimited Boxing, Unlimited Spinning, Unlimited 9Rounds Training 
Group Support 
Weekly Check Ins 
Unlimited Stay On Track Meetings 

You are joining an awesome community of women just like you, who are working towards making themselves a priority