We will work together, achieving a healthy balance of looking & feeling good while being healthy & strong.

One of the easiest parts of starting an exercise program is deciding to do it. Usually there's something inspiring you to make a change: Maybe you tried on a pair of jeans that were too tight or there's an upcoming event—a reunion, wedding, or party—where you're going to see people you haven't seen in a while. Whatever it is, you're motivated, you're excited, and are looking forward to a healthier version of you!

Then comes the hard part. Where do you even start? How do you set up a plan that you know will work for you? And once you do, how do you follow through?

Our 30 Day Strong(Her) program was specifically designed to help you get stared in fitness! We will provide you everything you need, from creating a workout plan, nutritional support and a personal trainer every time you workout. 

Learn new healthy habits to create lifelong results from your training and nutrition program


Here’s What You’ll Get:

Personalized Kick Off Meeting: discuss health & fitness goals, create weekly workout plans, InBody Testing and nutrition overview

1 Personal Training Session per Week: Focusing on Strength Training 

2 Cardio Workouts Per Week: Boxing, BootCamp, Spinning 

Unlimited Access to Quench for 30 Days 

Weekly Emails providing You with Recipes, Tips & Tricks for Success

 Weekly Check Ins to make sure you are on track and help 

You are joining an awesome community of women just like you, who are working towards making themselves a priority