Fitness creates a life that allows you to move, be happy and healthy. 

Fitness creates a life that allows you to move, be happy and healthy. 

Women have always had the most confusing end of the fitness spectrum when it comes to what workout you should be doing to find the biggest results. Want to lose weight and feel great – All you have to do is drink a cup of coffee with an entire stick of butter in it and run backwards. In 2 weeks, you’ll be a new person !? 

For years, women where told not to lift weights and do endless cardio for hours and hours – That offered little to no result and is boring! Who wants to walk on a treadmill for an hour staring at the wall? No thanks!  

Growing up in a gym, I have watched countless women get excited to start a new healthy journey and eventually lose steam because it was just to hard or to boring to accomplish results. 

Quench Training for Women has been a personal dream of mine for years. I want to provide a safe, comfortable environment for women to finally get the support from a community of like minded women just like them who are looking to move better, feel better and have some laughs along the way. 

Fitness allows you to get involved in life, chase the kids around the yard, walk the beaches hand-in-hand with the one you love, enjoy a more intense intimacy often denied by poor health and to truly live instead of being regulated to sitting quietly in an old chair, feeling miserable and letting life pass you by as a spectator in what is supposed to be your chance to star in the play you were born to be in… your own life.

We were born to be fit, to laugh, to play, to run, to walk through quiet woods and along sunny beaches. We were born to live a life of richness in body, mind and spirit, connected to the ones we love, yet we often lose all of this because our health and fitness denies us the chance to be all we can be.

You can never become who you were meant to be in life without being as healthy and fit as you can be today, now, when every day can be your best day ever. Life was never meant for us to give up everything that defines us simply because we give up and fail to value our health, wellness and future.

I can’t wait to show the women of Cape Cod how successful they can finally be in fitness, health and life! 


Jillian Russo