Get Started: 6 Week Fitness Program


Get Started: 6 Week Fitness Program

Starts Tuesday September 17th

So you are thinking you want to start working out and you have no idea where to start!! Before you get started here are some things we think you should know. 

First, if you identify as a beginner, that’s is awesome! It can be confusing and overwhelming trying to figure out how to get started in fitness, but we assure you’ll be totally fine. It take times and patience to get really good at something. At Quench, we’ll have you set up with everything you need to feel confident every step of the way. 

We happen to think it’s awesome to be a beginner at something. Yes, it’s challenging, but you don’t have to know how everything works yet. You’ll use your experience in the gym and creating a new lifestyle to experiment, have fun and learn new things. By loosening up your perceptions and expectation of yourself, you open yourself up for having a great time trying something that you haven’t done before. We think it’s a pretty exciting opportunity. 

At Quench, we’ll guide you as you discover new ways to move and strength your body. Our goal is to help you find something you really enjoy that gets you the results you’re looking for along the way. 

 Why is it so hard for Women to Achieve Results?

 Here are some common struggles we hear from women when they are struggling to reach their goals:

 ** Get Completely Overwhelmed

** Trying to Change to Many Things at One Time

** Following Unrealistic or Extreme Exercise Programs 

** Having Goals that Lack Clarity or Direction 

** Having Mismatched Expectations



From belly wraps and waist trainers to detox teas and fad diets, everywhere you look someone is trying to sell you a super-easy, super-fast way to “get in shape.” So many conflicting messages come from the media, the entertainment industry, advertisers, and our peers (our own family, friends, and coworkers, who mean well but are often woefully misinformed).

Whether you’re just getting started or have been trying to find a sustainable lifestyle for years, all these conflicting messages can make fitness feel overwhelming and unattainable. There’s so much information out there that it’s hard to sift through it all and know where to start.

If you’re reading this, you’re in the right place. At Quench, we walk you through exactly what you need to know and how to implement it, one step at a time.

Trying to Change Too Much at Once

If you’re like most humans, when you decide you want to make a change, your natural inclination is to do a major life overhaul in an attempt to meet your goals more quickly. If small changes are good, then huge, sweeping changes must be better, right? We’ve all been there with one goal or another.

Unfortunately, if you’ve tried this approach before, you know that when it comes to making habit and behavior changes, it’s nearly impossible to maintain these overnight overhauls long term.

Instead, adopting one small, super simple habit at a time and mastering it before adding another habit drastically increases your likelihood of maintaining that new habit, and racking up small “wins” along the way helps you build positive momentum. We provide suggestions for which changes to make first and how to progress.

Unrealistic or Extreme Exercise Programs

 Exercise should make you feel great. Because the primary goal of many popular workout programs is simply to burn as many calories as possible, it’s not surprising that these programs often leave you feeling exhausted, sore, and unmotivated. In fact, many women completely crash after a tough week (or month) of training following one of these programs.

 However, a balanced and realistic exercise program (like we provide at Quench) when executed properly should leave you feeling great. Remember: fatigue and how much you sweat are not indicators of a successful or effective workout. What matters is that you do your best and improve your performance gradually. It’s perfectly acceptable (and encouraged) to finish a workout feeling better than when you started. This not only helps you train more effectively over the long haul, it also helps you maintain motivation to continue training and making progress.

Goals That Lack Clarity and Direction

Women come to us with goals of looking and feeling good, getting into shape, and getting stronger. The problem is that these goals are murky and lack specific details. Many of these goals are outcome based, meaning someone may know what they want to achieve in the end, but they leave out the action steps that lead the way to those goals. “Getting in shape” or “losing weight” are fine goals, but they’re cloudy and undefined.

We will discuss some important steps to set specific goals as well as how to measure progress for meeting those goals. By working through the Quench Training Program you should feel a sense of accomplishment in moving toward your goals with exercise, nutrition, and lifestyle changes.

Mismatched Expectations

Many programs promise results in very short periods of time. Achieving these results requires adherence to strict nutrition and demanding exercise programs, both of which are rarely sustainable or realistic.

People often start these programs with enthusiasm but burn out or life gets in the way. They end up stopping too soon or not complying with every detail of the program, and end up feeling like they’ve failed.

Pre-determined timelines to meet a particular goal or complete a program might be unrealistic for your lifestyle, and too often this creates a cycle of starting, failing, and starting over only to feel like you’ve failed again. Having unrealistic expectations may leave you feeling like you did something wrong, when in reality, the program wasn’t a good fit for your life.

Quench is different. We want you to expect to be challenged, but to also know that you’ll get better and that things will feel easier as you work your way through the program. We aim to teach you how to be flexible with your training schedule and how to adapt when life gets in the way


How the 6 Week Get Started Program Works:

1. Strength Training. We start with basic movements, which allows you to add to your repertoire as you become ready for new movements and helps you learn to sense how your body feels as you perform various exercises. 

Strength training carries over into daily life, whether you’re carrying your baby in the car seat from the parking lot to the store, going for a personal best on your deadlift, or taking a long hike with friends. We believe that how you move your body should help you enjoy and enhance your life. 

2. Nutrition. Nutrition can help or hinder your ability to change your body composition. It can also fuel your performance in the gym and beyond. Knowing what to eat for good health, and to achieve specific goals is only a small piece of the bigger picture. Implementation is often the most challenging part of changing your nutrition. We teach you what should be on you plate at each meal and teach you realistic nutrition changes that help you achieve your goals. 

3. Managing Your Time. Making changes to your lifestyle can feel overwhelming. We will help you with tips and tricks to finally make yourself a priority.

4. Tracking Progress. As part of the program, you’ll receive 3 comprehensive Inbody Fat Analysis (beginning, middle and end). Quench with be with you holding your hand through the entire process.


What’s Included with the 6 Week Get Started Fitness Program?

** Goal and Program Structure Session to ensure your success, our Head Trainer will sit down with you and discuss your needs and goals to build a plan just for you.

** 2 Personal Training Sessions per week with a coach who will individualize each workout to your specific needs and abilities.

** Unlimited BootCamp, Spin and Boxing in a high-energy, fun, and supportive group environment.

** Unlimited Gym Access

** Nutrition Coaching you will meet with a coach every two weeks to review your nutrition and program progress. This is where we make adjustments, find what's working, and develop a plan of action for what you are struggling with.

** Quench Get Started Plan Book we are going to teach you why strength training is so important and why it’s awesome to be a beginner. We will work together so that we can work together achieving a healthy balance of looking and feeling good, while being health and strong.