Thank You Mom's

My Mom,

It’s hard to encapsulate everything she has done for me.  She is my hero, someone I look up to, and try to be like every day of my life. 

You never really know the type of impact one person can have on so many people’s lives until you hear their stories and their memories. 

My mom, Susan, created the first women’s only gym on Cape Cod in the 1980’s. From that day forward her life goal was to create a safe comfortable place for women to workout and be part of a community just like themselves, looking for a place to belong. 

She worked tirelessly, making the best life for my brother CJ and I, while working to better the women of Cape Cod. No matter what life threw at her she was always strong enough to pick up and move forward. To this day I still really don’t know how she did it all. 


Growing up watching her, I always wondered if and how I would be able to be like her. How would I have her strength, her passion, her dignity, her confidence, her beauty? 


The legacy my mother created on Cape Cod is amazing. In 36 years in business, she touched many lives in so many different ways, whether it be long time members or employees, to the many different local non-profits she supported and donated to along the way. 


I always knew when I had a chance to try and fill her shoes, I would work my hardest to take the best of everything that she created, move the ball forward and continue to evolve the mission.


The biggest thing she taught me was to not be afraid of change and to push for something that not everyone might understand. Would it be easy – No. Would people be upset – Yes. Is it for the best interest of those who need us most – Yes! 


I created Quench Training for Women for exactly that reason; so that the women on Cape Cod can finally find success with fitness. No more working on a treadmill or doing endless workouts that don’t work – Empowering women to strength train and find out how strong and healthy they really can be. 


None of this would be possible if it wasn’t for my mother, creating this path for over three decades on Cape Cod, pushing all of us to be better and stronger. For this and much, much more, I will be forever thankful.


Our mothers told us we could do anything and be anything if we just put our minds to it and worked hard. We encourage our children the same today! But somewhere between then and now, we often lose that confidence in ourselves. Our goal at Quench has been to create that space, that community where you can find strength, support and encouragement for your body, mind and soul amongst friends and family in a safe, comfortable environment where you can be you, just like the rest of us!


As Mother’s Day approaches, thank you to all moms, especially mine!


“Here’s to strong women. May we know them. May we be them. May we raise them!”